Calcium Supplementation

Strengthen bones with Calcium???

Follow the link for an up-to-date study on the benefits, actually lack of benefit if not risk of calcium supplementation. A good reminder for us to apply a good measure of common sense when managing our health. The western attitude of taking pill to sleep, to lose weight, to manage cholesterol, to help digestion....the list goes on. There certainly are times that a "pill" may be necessary but let's strive to NOT make that the first line of defense. Take a proactive approach by eating real food, if man made it, don't eat it! Leafy green veggies, salmon, beans, almonds, dairy to name a few sources.

NEWS FLASH! Weight bearing exercise (might I suggest that the benefits of intelligently lifting heavy stuff falls into this category) builds bone mass. You can not spend a lifetime sitting on your backside and expect that a calcium supplement is going to make your bones and connective tissue strong. To make matters worse we are raising a population of kids that begin the process of sitting on their backside a lot sooner than older generations.

Take control of your health. Eat real food, pay attention to how you feel after eating certain things (what is good for you may not work for someone else), stay away from processed packaged junk, work on mobility, learn to embrace the feeling of being spent exercising, lift heavy stuff. STRENGTH AND POWER ARE THE ELIXIR OF YOUTH.


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