Combat Sitting

We shot a segment with WISN Ch. 12 in Milwaukee a few months ago on the negative health effects of sitting too much.  While there are solutions to improve how you work in order to sit less or simply get up more often during your work day and move, many just won't or can't get up 35x during the workday or utilize a standing desk.  Certainly school students are stuck sitting way too much during the school day.  Do these 3 movements, daily, to combat the cumulative effects on your body from sitting for prolonged amounts of time.  Click HERE for the video.

Points of Performance

  • Petersen 3-way hip
    • 1/2 kneeling
    • Core engaged
    • Kneeling glute engaged
    • 5x each direction, 2 rounds
  • Side Lying Clock Face
    • 90/90 position with knees and hips
    • Reach long with fingers
    • Follow hand with eyes
    • 5x each side, 2 rounds
  • 1/2 kneeling to Stand
    • Hands on hips, thumbs on glutes feel them engaged
    • Rise 2 inches off floor
    • Shift weight to front leg, drive that heel into the ground
    • Stand tall
    • Reverse
    • 5x/leg, 2 rounds 


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