Eat Like An Adult!

Leave it to the government to spend excess amounts of money (assumption), inordinate amounts of time and in the end deliver a squishy message. NEWS FLASH - processed sugar is bad for you in excess, REALLY?! As the woman indicates, your Grandma would have suggested that decades ago.

Here's a tip - "Eat like an adult and if you love your children help them to eat like an adult." 
- Stay away from the center of the grocery store where all the pre-packaged stuff lives.
- Eat fresh, fiberous, colorful produce - Mainly from vegetables
- Cholesterol content in natural food sources is not the issue
- Processed fats, processed sugars, processed grains are an issue, DON'T EAT THEM
- Fat found in natural, organic products is your friend, your body was designed to process it and it satiates appetite, quit worrying about fat.
- Animal protein is good just don't go overboard 
- Stay hydrated
- Soda is a horrible thing to drink. Do you need a fancy business guy that was once the mayor of NYC to tell you that?
- FINALLY - "Lift heavy stuff beautifully", because lean muscle tissue is good.

There’s a new set of dietary guidelines from the federal government for the first time in five years, advising against eating too much sugar and red meat, wh...


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