How to Not Suck as You Age

So this article by Matt Foreman on Catalyst Athletics might be a bit self-serving because I am "40-something" which I have been for the past 8 years but I do believe that 48 is the new 47.  I also believe that much of what we attribute to aging can actually be attributed to inactivity. 

It hits home because I have been blessed to be surrounded by folks that continue to be intellectually curious, physically demanding of themselves and have some of their greatest contributions ahead of them.  The folks we train at PMPG continue to "get after it".  Not just physically, they come to us for attentive coaching and we expect effort, that is a given.   What I love to see is the number of clients creating new business, growing families, getting involved in mentoring programs in Milwaukee, starting new foundations to discover better treatments for cancer, spiritual growth and the list goes on.  Retirement is bunk!  Why put yourself "out to pasture" at the very time that the confluence of wisdom, connections, time and resources are peaking?  PMPG is honored to participate, in a way, by directing clients to maximize strength and power in order obtain the physical culture to "not suck".  Strength and power are the elixir of youth!


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New Client Special - 30 minute Assessment

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