"Out of an abundance of caution"

Could this be the latest college age "drinking game" with participants watching the news together (virtually of course) and tipping one back each time someone uses the phrase, "Out of an abundance of caution"?  I believe, "an abundance of caution" is rooted primarily in fear.  Fear of what we don't understand, fear of the unknown, fear of leading, fear of the unseen, fear of bad press, fear of not saving every life, fear of things that are out of our control.  
The brightest minds in the world are working on solutions to manage COVID-19 and solutions are coming.  I find it interesting that the majority of the headlines for managing COVID have to do with us relinquishing control and waiting for delivery from others - efficient testing solutions, finding a vaccine and sheltering at home.  Has the overreach been the solution or has it caused more harm than good?  Many will be debating that question for decades.
While we wait on experts to solve COVID for us, I believe it is in our best interest to be asking, "What can I do for myself that will set me up to be more bullet-proof while exploring this incredible world?"  In order to serve family, close friends and our businesses we need to serve ourselves, "Put your own oxygen mask on first!"
Who are we allowing to control us?  What are we allowing to control us?  Where is our point of focus?
So, what can we control during this new normal?  We seem to be learning that diabetes, high blood pressure and smoking put you into an exceedingly high risk category to die from COVID-19.  For the most part these are issues that are very much in our control.
  • Love yourself more than the food that is spiking blood sugar levels and contributing to type II diabetes.  You can reverse type II diabetes - in your control.
  • Know your blood pressure numbers (buy a cuff for home and check it periodically) and take action.  You can often reverse hypertension - in your control.
  • Quit smoking/vaping - in your control
  • Sleep 6-8 hours every night - in your control
  • Release the tendency to judge others - in your control
  • Joy is all around us, look for it - in your control
  • "Lift heavy things beautifully" - in your control
  • Hike, bike, walk, run, sprint, climb, balance, bend, dig, haul...Move every day with purpose - in your control
How much more efficient are we becoming at what we do for a living?  Will we be able to keep some of the "found time" when things move closer to normal?  What are YOU going to do for YOU with the opportunity of a different schedule?


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