Self-Activate Your Parasympathetic Breath

We are designed to breathe parasympathetically or into our bellies. Not literally into our bellies but when we engage our diaphragm and breathe deeply our bellies distended a bit, think 2 months pregnant.

  • In through your nose
  • Visualize/aim to a place about an inch below your belly button
  • Nothing in your chest
  • Exhale through your mouth

A few of the benefits:  Releases tension, downregulates your adrenals, decreases blood pressure and heart rate, reduces tension in your skeletal muscles, prepares your body for rest, sleep and digestion.

Here's a technique that can help you to Activate your diaphragm and optimize how you breathe.  With practice you will become unconsciously competent and experience the benefits of moving through the world with more power and peace.

  • 10-20 belly breaths when you go to bed
  • 5 belly breaths every hour during the day.  Simply stop what you are doing and practice 5.


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New Client Special - 30 minute Assessment

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