Klae Scott

Klae Scott

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Klae’s connection with fitness and wellness started as a child.  He watched sports pull his older cousins out of trouble and into a space of confidence and comradery.  This inspired Klae, and he has been inspiring people around him to believe in themselves ever since.  Klae has been teaching how to change lives for 20+ years.  He decided to make his passion for people and fitness a career and has poured his heart and energy into the goal of sharing his knowledge with his clients.  


Along his way Klae has played semi pro football and won a national championship with that team. 

He has competed in, and won body building and power lifting competitions. There are a variety of companies and fitness magazines he has modeled for: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle Fitness to name a few.  He volunteered his time with the City Gym Boys, educating the New York City youth on the importance of health and fitness. Klae began building on his already vast wellness knowledge by entering in a formal fitness and nutrition education. Meanwhile he founded Get Smart Performance LLC. Through his company he has teamed up with Milwaukee Children’s Hospital to put groundbreaking research to work and prove what Klae knows and has seen firsthand, that fitness and being on a team changes the lives of youth and can set a lifelong course for wellness.  


Klae has an energy that creates excitement and drive for those around him. He is encouraging and

believes in what he is teaching because he has seen the results and lives them.

New Client Special - 30 minute Assessment
New Client Special - 30 minute Assessment

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