Join our team and receive daily body weight workouts with video instruction and performance points.  The sessions are general by nature so "You need to be the expert of you" and modify as you see fit.  Most movements can be advanced with speed, repetitions, range of motion or can be simplified by reducing speed, reducing repetitions, reducing range of motion and adding more rest between rounds and individual exercises.  Sessions are scheduled for specific days but you can do them on any day and move the session.  Keep moving to boost your mood and immune system.  If you have access to equipment or would like something more specialized, please reach out and we can deliver that as well, custom programming will have a cost attached to it.

Follow these steps to receive the complimentary workouts:

Here are the steps to join Team PMPG:
1. Download the TrainHeroic mobile app
2. Click "Create Account"
3. When prompted, enter Team PMPG access code pmpg555

How To Join Your Team In-app For New Athletes
How to join your team In-app if you already have an account For Returning Athletes

New Client Special - 30 minute Assessment
New Client Special - 30 minute Assessment

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