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The human body is a miraculously designed machine.

We were designed to move efficiently, smoothly and pain free in order to accomplish daily tasks or climb the highest mountain. Many of us develop "cheat patterns" in order to get the job done. This is part of the stress on the human condition and leads to overuse injuries, stress and fatigue. When we re-train our bodies to function how they were designed we open up opportunities to live life to its fullest and achieve better results from your exercise and strength training.
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We are thrilled to be offering Activation sessions to you as a remarkable solution to enhancing your professional career & power up human movement & longevity.

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"Activation has really helped me strengthen my mind body connection, it's helped me walk away feeling more conscious and more connected to the way that I move."

- Hope Rajasinghe, Founder, Yoga with Hope

"The activation is a really enjoyable reset. It allows you to attack life with a fresh mindset."

- Dan Carr, professional hockey player

"It's voodoo magic. It's helped me kind of know where my weaknesses are. And I was able to kind of target my training a little bit more specifically."

- Mackenzie Briskie, Strength Coach

"What I've seen is a reduction in stiffness in the morning and a reduction in the pain that I feel primarily in my lower and upper back."

- Phil Aiello, Mandel Group

"I work in the office, eight to five every day. So this is really a great way to release some of that tension and really to reengage or reactivate some of the muscles. I feel springy. I feel explosive. I feel like I want to go get a workout in, or go for a run."

- Chris Rowland, Technology Director

"I mean physically, you know, you're in there working the different muscle groups, you're activating the psoas, which then sort of activates the rest of the body. But to really understand from a performance perspective, is that it allows me to do everything I want to do without having injuries or getting tired or stressed out."

- Randy Roth, Owner, Endeavour Corp.

    From World renowned Physical Therapist Douglas Heel

    We are thrilled to be offering Activation as a remarkable solution to enhancing human movement.

    Optimum performance is found when we move and breathe the way we were designed. Activation restores these optimal patterns producing a profound effect on acute and chronic pain cycles, stability, mobility and force production.

    Activation is not a “treatment” for injuries and is not intended to “treat”, “fix”, “manipulate” or otherwise replace medical advice and/or treatment.

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    Our bodies are designed so well that if we ask it the right question it will give us the right answer. Activation addresses lingering dysfunction and pain by asking the right questions and getting the right answers.

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