The kitchen


Our coaches cook

Fueling your success in and out of the gym.

As part of our commitment to your well-being, we introduce a new avenue of support – weekly recipes designed to complement your fitness journey. We believe that a healthy lifestyle extends to the kitchen, and our culinary creations aim to fuel your body with delicious and nutritious meals.

You were designed for more.

Don’t play small… play big.

Most people are unaware of the distinction between strength coaches and personal trainers. Personal trainers typically have a level of training and experience that caters to the general public while Strength coaches have the expertise and experience that serves elite professionals and cater to the exact science of every motion they need to make.

We deliver all the benefits of our experience to individuals looking for the same quality and deliberate practices the PRO's receive.

We value you...

We spend time really getting to know one another and value a family culture. This is one of the reasons our clients get such great results. Our clients stay with us for years because people don’t quit family.
"I get a workout personalized to my goals and abilities. There is a great balance between getting enough repetition to feel proficient and enough variety to feel challenged. It would be impossible to be bored with the creative training blocks! I love working with my coach and appreciate that the staff build relationships with their clients. The gym and facilities are clean and well-kept. The infrared sauna is an excellent reward after a workout."

- Rachel Arndt

"At PMPG I have a blast, I laugh, I get a mental pick me up, but most of all I am a much, much stronger, lighter, toned person. I could never do this on my own-I appreciate the extra push to do more each time. The workout space is sunny & alive with fun music! What a great group of trainers & clients and I always look forward to seeing everyone there!"

- Kristina A.

"I was able to build on core skills and newly acquired and discovered skills. Taking the Pete Mueller Performance Group’s “Get Moving” prescription regularly and as directed, I guarantee results."


"I started working with Pete in April of 2012. Though I was an athlete in high school, I had not been involved in and organized training program in well over a decade. I also had substantial chronic pain in my back and knee, due to previous injuries. Pete designed a program that helped to build a stable foundation of core strength. I am stronger and healthier than I have been in twenty years."


"I came to PMPG after a two year journey recovering from a head and neck injury. My hope was that I could find a personal trainer to help me safely get back to the fit and active person I was before my injury. What I found with PMPG was that and so much more."


"I remember showing up for my 1st session ready to go, needed to lose about 40lbs, so figured an hour on the weights, cardio then head over to the club for a swim. After 20 minutes of going as hard as I could, Pete looked at me and said, "let's stretch you out and get you on your way…" WHAT? THIS IS CRAZY TALK MUELLER! Forty pounds in two months wasn't going to happen on 20 minutes a day."

- JON R.