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Strength Coaching

Communication is the hallmark of our training – our job is to communicate the science behind our methods and then guide you toward achieving your goals. We care about you and personalize training to your needs.

  • Seasoned and educated staff – educated and certified in ATC, CSCS, ACSM, NCCPT
    and decades of practical experience
  • Research and evidence-based methods
  • Private, non-crowded environment, free and plentiful parking on the street or parking lot
  • Variety and fun with each session
  • Established business since 1990
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We’re high-quality, and well educated in the "science" of exercise and fitness.

We place emphasis on making movement fun, educational and an integral part of your busy, active lifestyle. We use functional movement patterns specific to your needs, whether training for a special event, a first-time event or to simplify the ease of moving pain-free in your day-to-day activities. We provide ongoing challenges by adding variety to each session.

Most people are unaware of the distinction between strength coaches and personal trainers. Personal trainers typically have a level of training and experience that caters to the general public while Strength coaches have the expertise and experience that serves elite professionals and cater to the exact science of every motion they need to make. We deliver to you the same quality and deliberate practices the PRO's receive.

Learn why Activation is a critical starting point before beginning your strength training.

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