Donna Butz

Donna Butz

Training Style

Donna began teaching yoga in 1981 having been a student with Iyengar Yoga master teacher, Catherine Ross for 8 years.  She created the first yoga program for the West suburban YMCA and went on to teach "work hardening" yoga classes at various clinics.  Donna graduated from Lake Country School of Massage, certified in massage therapy.  She has attended workshops with Rodney Yee, Baron Baptiste, and Ana Forrest. She has facilitated yoga workshops for beginners, practicing yoga students, couples Yoga and the physically challenged. Donna continues to be a student of yoga always learning from her students as well as teachers.  In 1997 she entered a collaboration with the orthopedic rehab and personal training company, Pete Mueller Performance Group.
         Her eclectic style of Yoga is rooted in Iyengar and Forrest yoga, with emphasis on alignment and "hands on instruction".  Donnas cues and corrections are nonstop as she guides you through poses with personal assist and ongoing assessment.  Through all these years of teaching she still is excited to see how Yoga wakes up all the muscles in the body so that all the parts are working together as a team!

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