Is Your Dis-ease Driving Disease?

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eBook Update: I am excited to have put together a team of experts to address the 4 areas that I believe are key to maximizing health span – biology, psychology, sociology and spirituality.  When a myoptic view is taken of our health, we are leaving “health currency” on the table.  My hope is this ebook will foster questions and deliver answers to living life at your 100%. 

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Navigating the intricacies of health and well-being has led me to a profound realization: dis-ease may drive sickness, shaping what we commonly call disease. This understanding reframes how we approach health, emphasizing the interconnectedness of various aspects of our lives.

Health isn’t merely the absence of illness; it’s about achieving harmony within ourselves and with our surroundings. Our health span, the duration of time we spend in good health, is intimately tied to our relationships, career paths, and stress management.

Consider the impact of our relationships on our well-being. Strong social connections are linked to better physical and mental health outcomes, while isolation and loneliness increase the risk of conditions like heart disease and depression.  I’ve given some thought to isolation recently as I reflect on the past 4 years.  While I am so grateful for coming out of lockdowns with a business to “regrow”, I am also realizing that it had an effect on my mental health and a greater sense of isolation.  While I don’t have as great a need as many for social interaction outside of work, I believe the limited access I became accustomed to has left me in a bit of a deficit.

Likewise, our career paths and how we handle stress play pivotal roles in our health. Chronic mismanagement of stress, whether from work or other sources, can lead to various health issues, highlighting the importance of effective stress management.

Yet, we’re not powerless! While our subconscious may run certain health-affecting programs, our conscious, creative minds can rewrite them. This process requires humility, acknowledging observations from others and being open to change.

We aren’t victims of our genetics. Our habits, thoughts, and behaviors profoundly influence our genetic activity, impacting our health outcomes. By fostering healthy habits and a positive mindset, we can shape our genetic expression for the better.

Ultimately, our thoughts program ourselves. Cultivating a positive, resilient mindset enables us to rewrite the scripts governing our health, paving the way for vitality and longevity. It’s a journey requiring dedication, humility, and a willingness to embrace change. I’m reminded of the transformative power of our choices and mindset on our health span. By taking charge of our health and prioritizing holistic well-being, we unlock our full potential and embrace life to the fullest.


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