Do You Know What The Four Pillars Are Required to Operate at 100%?

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We are bio-psycho-social-spiritual beings.  Continued curiosity about, and improvement in these 4 pillars delivers accessibility to more options to express the fullness and beauty of our humanity. I am constantly looking for opportunities to engage in activities that advance or improve any or all of these four pillars. Here’s an example:

One of my daughters called last year and said, “Dad, let’s climb Kilimanjaro in 2024.”  There was no hesitation to my “yes”.  This request challenges all 4 pillars for me.

  • Biology – training to hike to 20,000 feet is something I have never done before but I train in a manner that if I am offered an opportunity to explore me and this world, my fitness level is not going to be the limiting factor.
  • Psychology – Do I deserve to do this?  How will I afford it?  At the end of the day, I simply ask, “am I worthy”?
  • Social – This will be an intimate, shared experience with someone I care deeply about. Will I choose to be present in ALL the moments to appreciate ALL the people that will be in our group?
  • Spiritual – Nature, especially big nature, fuels my relationship with God.  Will I choose to tune-in to the subtle voice of God in the moment?

One or more of those 4 areas may be your “sweet spot”.  You find enjoyment participating, researching and experimenting with things that deliver upgrades in some of those categories and it shows.  But, what would it be like to live life at 100%?  What areas are you choosing to ignore?  Maybe the bigger question is WHY are you choosing to ignore improvement in any one of those pillars? There is usually

  • I don’t like to exercise. Why?
  • It feels awkward and I don’t know where to start. Why?
  • I don’t see myself as an athlete. Why?
  • I had a gym teacher that embarrassed me in front of my whole class.
  • I avoid spirituality because ________?
  • I might neglect social connection because__________?

Avoiding growth in any of the four pillars will have a big impact on you living life at 100%.  Humans change over time and you are not the same person you were in your teens or twenties..  You are new each morning, and you can choose a different thought.  You can allow your history to define who you are, or you can begin rewriting your story with the new you; by choosing new empowering daily thoughts and activities.

The question isn’t, “What’s wrong with you”? Rather, consider the question that Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah posed, “What happened to you”?  Now, you are taking back control of moving things forward. “What’s wrong” may have served you but are the “wrong” habits still serving you?  Understanding the “what” offers the opportunity to take back control and elevate.

If you are up for the journey I am going to help you begin addressing all four pillars so you can begin discovering what you look like at 100%. Let’s remove the barriers we’ve allowed to block the fullest expression of ourselves and begin intentionally choosing to activate these pillars because your family, your friends, and the world benefits when you are at 100%.

To live a maximized human experience we have to look at, and attend to, our biology, psychology, sociology and spirituality. All four affect how we look, feel, think and relate. The unique expression called YOU is a part of something so expansive and we have been given the privilege to explore and improve together.  I trust that the originator of all, will connect with you in a most remarkable way as the journey continues. 

I am writing an eBook and it drops in a few months. It will be a profound approach to addressing all four pillars and will give you immediate tools you can apply to begin your journey towards the 100% You. There will be a cost to this eBook but for a limited time I am going to make it free for everyone who pre-orders their copy. You will also get an exclusive invitation to a community of people who are going to go on this journey together. You will have the support of myself and a team of individuals I am assembling that are specialists in a number of fields. I hope you join me on this journey. 

I will be releasing several more blogs that will give you a glimpse into the fullness of the eBook over the coming weeks. Don’t miss out on how simple it is to activate and advance these 4 pillars.


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