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It is always a good idea to start training and shift your paradigm.  I think the hardest shift for many, is actually believing that they are in control of how they age and engage in life.  Maybe it’s the concept that if we sacrifice ourselves; our time with friends and family, our activities and our training, someday….someday we can enjoy more time with friends and family and we will begin to pay attention to improving our health.
Wherever you are on the continuum of life, that day is today.  It starts with you making a shift.  Make it a subtle shift but, do something about the trajectory you are on.  Be still for a moment and consider what life looks like over the next year, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years if you allow your “subtle” decline in function to continue.  You have the time; you are in control of how you spend the hours that you have and prioritizing your healthspan is THE most important investment you can make.  Invest in you!  You benefit, your family and friends benefit, your career benefits and our community benefits.  
The epidemic that very few people are taking seriously is the obesity epidemic.  41.9% of adults in the US are obese.  Let that sink in.  While a healthy bodyweight is important, I would argue that job one is to add more muscle to your body regardless of weight loss.  Muscle is the 24/7/365 metabolic engine that drives health.  Take the steps to put some muscle on your body, begin adding more whole foods into your diet, reduce processed foods and the fat loss will begin.  
We are bio-psycho-social-spiritual beings.  Making progress in all 4 of those areas is the key to optimizing your outcomes.  We are designed to work in a RESTed state:
  • Relate well – prioritize friends and family
  • Eat well – reduce or eliminate all processed foods, “If man made it, don’t eat it.”
  • Sleep well – 7-9 hours of quality sleep
  • Train well – don’t just exercise, put a plan together and actually TRAIN.  Start with simple changes that you know you can keep and progress from there
I am long on human beings.  We got this!  Make the investment in you, today.  It will pay incredible dividends.

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